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Vince Vannelli has been an early stage software company investor for 15 years.  Prior to his venture adventure he was variously a startup executive (INKT), big company maven (IBM and Hitachi Data Systems US GM).  Also a part time mechanic, movie and record producer.  He spent all of those years curious about new things and interesting people, and that has never changed.

If you are curious what the "K, P and G" stand for, call him 925 234-3557.




We’re narrowly focused on data enabled software companies. In addition to making it easy to determine fit. this ensures that we are operating where we have the deep experience to add real value.


We’re small, which allows us to adapt quickly to the competitive landscape that you face, and make decisions quickly so you don’t have to wait for Monday partner meetings to get a response.


We have the operational expertise you need to grow your business from an idea on a paper napkin to a company of sustained value.



Berkeley, CA 94705

925 . 234 . 3557